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Does the Age You Get Married Impact Divorce Rates?

Orlando Divorce Attorney Talks About Age and Divorce Rates

Posted on September 17, 2017


There are many factors in a marriage that can cause divorce. The truth is, the causes for American divorces, like relationships, are complicated. Even though the divorce rate has dropped, in large part due to the Millennial Generation, there are numerous reasons why married couples don’t make it until death do they part - one of which is the age they got married.

All Marriages Require Hard Work

Unfortunately marriages do not last based solely on personal chemistry or physical attraction. When you choose to get married, you are vowing to love your partner for better or worse. No one gets married expecting to divorce. However, studies have shown that variables such as age, income, and education have significant impacts on American marriages.

How Age, Income, and Education Affect Divorce

According to The Institute for Family Studies the ideal age to get married is in your late twenties, but why? When you decide to get married at an older age, your odds of divorce decline because you usually have a higher education and are more established financially. With a higher level of education, your potential to earn more money is greater. Couples who experience more tension in their marriage from things such as a lack of money and maturity, find themselves turning what were just thoughts of divorce into a reality.

The Divorce Rate Is Dropping Thanks to Millennials

Younger Americans are waiting much longer to get married. The median marriage age as of 2011 for a woman’s first marriage was 27 years old, and for men was 29 years old; the highest median marriage age in decades for men and the highest ever for women.

Many young folks have decided not to get married at all. It’s much more common now to move in with your partner without having to worry about the social pressures from society to get married first. With the average divorce happening about 12 years in to the marriage, we’ll have to wait and see if this recent generation of newlyweds will continue to keep their vows.

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