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Orlando High Asset Divorce Attorneys

The size of your marital estate has little bearing on the emotional consequences of a divorce. However, the financial issues confronting divorcing couples with significant income and property holdings can be far more complex than those facing couples with modest marital assets.

At The Roberts Family Law Firm, our Orlando divorce lawyers have extensive experience representing clients whose incomes exceed $1 million and whose total assets are evaluated at $10 million or more.

High-asset Divorces and Division of Property

The equitable distribution of property can become bitterly disputed and difficult to resolve in high-asset divorce cases. Our Orlando family law attorneys strive to divide property in a manner that is fair and equitable. A creative approach to the division of property is often required to achieve a workable settlement agreement.

We often rely on the opinions of a variety of well-respected experts. Forensic accountants help us track down hidden assets. Business evaluators assess commercial holdings. Vocational experts determine whether alimony should be awarded to a non-working spouse.

Evaluation of Businesses on High-asset Divorces

Orlando Divorce Attorney Helps Clients with Complex High Assets Divorces in Winter Park, Windermere and Central FloridaHigh-asset divorces may involve the evaluation and distribution of business assets. We have represented clients whose marital estates included professional practices, commercial landscaping businesses, financial services companies, retail enterprises and manufacturing concerns, just to name a few.

In many cases, our high asset divorce attorneys in Central Florida are able to perform business evaluations without going to the expense of hiring a business evaluator. One of our partners has a degree in finance; the other earned an MBA in addition to a law degree. Our financial and business knowledge allow us to determine the net present value of a business and communicate this information in a manner a judge will find meaningful.

Financial and Sentimental Value

Real estate and collections of art, jewelry, cars, antiques, boats or other assets can have both financial and sentimental value. We are skilled at determining the full value of these assets and making sure that our client receives his or her full share.

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While we settle the majority of our cases outside of court, our Orlando divorce attorneys are skilled and aggressive trial lawyers who will forcefully represent your interests at trial. Call us today if you are facing a high asset divorce in Orlando or within the Central Florida area. We are available at (407) 426-6999. You may also fill out the online form provided on this page and one of our experienced attorneys will contact you shortly. We represent clients throughout Central Florida and have offices in Orlando and Kissimmee. Free parking available on site.

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