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Mediation in Florida

Beginning Mediation Early in Your Family Law Case

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When it comes to a divorce settlement, mediation is one of the most common methods used. Since you and your spouse control the process instead of the Courts, it’s crucial you start as early as possible. Going through mediation may also help to improve the communication between you and your spouse, which not only makes the divorce process smoother from the very beginning, but it can even help prevent conflicts in the future.

There are some individuals who prefer to drag the divorce procedure out in hopes of hurting their spouse. But, those who want to come to an agreement quickly and amicably may benefit from utilizing the mediation process to its full potential.

What Does a Mediator Do?

Spouses who work with a mediator, a third-party person neutral to both sides, will receive advice and information that can be used to facilitate a settlement between the parties. It can take some clients many sessions with a mediator to reach an agreement, but other clients may only require one or two meetings.

Another reason couples choose mediation is that they want to be the ones to decide what happens with their case, rather than leave their fate up to a Judge. Many times, one or both parties face disappointment when the Judge doesn’t end up seeing things the same way they do. While a Judge may help obtain a settlement, the resolution of the case is controlled by the rulings of the Court, rather than the parties involved in earlier mediation.

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Due to every couple’s varying circumstances, mediation may not be the best option for your case. It’s best to speak with a family law attorney who can protect your interests, advocate fiercely on your behalf and in general assist you through the mediation process and aggressively represent you in the courtroom if mediation does not resolve all of the issues in your case. For more information, or to arrange an initial consultation, please call The Roberts Family Law Firm, P.A. at 407-426-6999. We represent clients throughout Central Florida and have offices in Orlando and Kissimmee. We offer free parkingin both locations.

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September 17, 2014

★★★★★ Posted in Facebook by D.P.
I don't usually find myself in need of a lawyer, but when I needed one Attorney Roberts provided a great service. I was nervous about dealing with the legal system, but this firm walked me through the process from the initial consultation through mediation and beyond. I highly recommend Atty Roberts, even if he is a Gator....Go Noles!

“Yes, there’s a plethora of other attorneys but I selected Dave Roberts to handle my case again seven years later because: he is a genuine person, an attorney by profession but first and foremost a human being, one who listens, cares and realizes that: it is his client’s whole world and life, not just another case! Due to his skill, legal knowledge, and astute understanding of client management, my desired legal outcomes were achieved to the fullest degree possible. I have witnessed his work ethic, positive attitude and energy, and I believe when a person gives that much of themselves to their daily profession, they are headed for success; I hope that every potential client in need of guidance will also realizes that for their sake. Furthermore, if every lawyer I encountered possessed the assiduousness, concern and passion of your Mr. Roberts, maneuvering the legal system would truly be a more agreeable experience!

So I express my sincerest gratitude to Attorney Roberts for his wisdom, guidance and success in our most recent legal interaction. I would not have considered retaining any other attorney to guide me to safety, and peace of mind for my child. He always achieves positive results in spite of it seeming unlikely; this time he settled in mediation without having to take my case to trial. Once again he did it!”
All my appreciation,

-L. Ditta-Cupolo
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