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How to Establish Paternity in Florida

Establishing Paternity in Orlando, FL


Posted on December 5, 2017

When you establish paternity, you are identifying the legal father of a child. If a couple is unmarried at the time of a child’s birth, paternity must be established voluntarily or through a court order.

When Paternity is Voluntarily Established by the Parents

A couple can sign a “Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity” form acknowledging the alleged father signing the form is the child’s legal father, swearing under oath the information is accurate. The document becomes final 60 days after it has been signed or after the date of a judicial or administrative proceeding relating to the child in which the witness is a party, whichever one happens first.

When Paternity Is Established Through a Court Order

If no voluntary agreement has been established, the mother or the alleged father may go through the courts to determine paternity. Under Florida Law, the persons or agencies that can help start the process for you include:

  • The child’s mother
  • The alleged father
  • A legal representative on behalf of the child
  • The Florida Department of Child Support Services

Keep in mind that a government agency establishing paternity can only make orders regarding child support. Other orders such as a parenting plan requires the mother and alleged father to go to court.

How to Begin Your Paternity Case

A paternity case should begin in the circuit court for the county in which either the mother or alleged father resides.  A family court judge has the authority to make decisions regarding paternity cases and may order a DNA test for the mother, child, and supposed father.  A judge may also create orders for paternity matters such as:

  • Child support
  • Health insurance
  • Decision making for the child, also known as parental responsibility
  • Time-Sharing, provided both parties agree
  • Amount to be paid for attorney’s fees and court costs by either parties

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