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How to Create an Effective Parenting Plan

Having a parenting plan in place allows you to lay out terms regarding how your children will be cared for by both parents after the divorce. The time-sharing arrangement should consider the best interest of the child and will include items such as where the children will live, how time-sharing will work, who will make major decisions concerning the children, and how problems will be resolved should they arise... Read More...

Easter, Spring Break, and Parenting Plans
When parties are getting divorced in Florida, they will come across a Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form by the name of a “Parenting Plan”. This “plan” gives parties a starting point to map out their desired time-sharing with their children either temporarily during the divorce or after the divorce is finalized. Read More...

Best Interest of the Child Standard and Co-Parenting
When a Court determines the time-sharing schedule for the parties and their children, judges in Florida base their decisions on what is commonly referred to as “the best interests of the child” standard. All of those factors can be found in Florida Statute Chapter 61. Read More...

Parenting Classes, Counseling, and Divorce
Clients often ask us for guidance in dealing with the day to day issues of a divorce. What most people don’t realize is that for some, being a party to a divorce is like having a second job. The pressure, stress, and time constraints placed on you on a day to day basis can be overwhelming. Keeping our clients mentally fit and equipped to handle the stress of a divorce is what every good divorce attorney will tell you. Read More...

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