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Is Dating During a Divorce Risky?

Dating During a Divorce - Orlando Divorce Attorney


Posted on October 25, 2017

It can be tempting to begin dating once you and your spouse have decided to divorce. After all, it’s always comforting to have a third party there to support you through this challenging time. Although you and your partner may have already separated, the court still recognizes you as a couple. If you decide to pursue a relationship in the midst of a divorce, here are some issues that may arise:

  • Risks in Court. Since Florida is a no-fault state, you can pursue a relationship before your divorce is finalized without being directly penalized in court. However, your new relationship may factor into either division of property or spousal support. Living with your new boyfriend or girlfriend may be factored into the judge’s decision of how much spousal support is awarded. Even if you are not living with your new partner, the gifts they give you may still be considered when determining property division.
  • Emotional Turmoil. Beginning a new relationship before your divorce is finalized can take a toll on your former spouse. He or she may suspect you of cheating before the divorce process began, or they may be harder to negotiate with especially when trying to mediate. If your ex-spouse sees how quickly you were able to move on, they may become angry and fight more aggressively to try and ensure you don’t get what you want.
  • Parental Responsibility Issues. Children have enough to deal with when it comes to divorce. They may not understand why mommy or daddy suddenly has a new friend they spend all their time with. Although courts do not normally take your children’s wants into account, if you have an older child, they may be able to sway the judge’s opinion if they don’t like your new relationship or how quickly you have moved on.

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