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4 Professionals You Can Consult With During Your Florida Divorce Proceedings

Professionals to Consult With During a Divorce in Florida



Posted on August 14, 2018

Those who separate from their partners and begin their journey to divorce know that it can be a difficult process.  While many family members and friends give you information based on what they know or have experienced, they may not be able to provide the best financial and legal advice when it comes to your case. 
Luckily, these four professionals can adequately assist you throughout your divorce proceedings

Therapist – The stress of going through a divorce can take significant physical, mental, and emotional tolls on your mind and body, leaving you feeling defeated–maybe even anxious or depressed.  Seeing a therapist can help you handle the stress, allow you to keep a level head when negotiating in court, while at the same time showing the judge you can take care of your responsibilities. 

Mediator – Mediators can help couples come to a mutual decision regarding issues such as alimony, time-sharing, child support, retirement, taxes, etc.  Having a non-biased, third-party perspective often helps couples make necessary compromises and decisions. Mediation is voluntary and will continue for as long as the parties and the mediator deem necessary. 

Financial Consultant – It can become extremely challenging for spouses to split up assets they share together without the help of a financial consultant.  The financial consultant can help you figure out which items were obtained during the marriage, which were gifts to either party and what legally belongs to you or your spouse. 

They will look at the history of your finances, along with records of what you currently own to give you an idea of what to ask for during the divorce.  Plus, since Florida is an equitable division state, this helps to distribute the assets as fairly as possible. 

Family Lawyer – Individuals going through a complicated situation, such as a divorce, need an experienced family law attorney by their side.  Having a lawyer represent you will ensure your rights are protected, and that you receive the best outcome for your case. 

Including these professionals as a part of your team can help you to avoid costly mistakes during your divorce.  

If you need an experienced Orlando divorce attorney to help you through mediation or in court, we can help.  At The Roberts Family Law Firm, P.A., we work closely with highly trained and trusted professionals who often assist our team in complex cases.  We have more than 30 years of combined experience in family law litigation and will negotiate aggressively on your behalf.  For answers to any questions regarding your case, please call us today at 407-426-6999.


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